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I keep seeing photos protesting the Israeli/Gaza war in which a swastika is imposed on the Israeli flag.   A few days ago a Facebook “friend” used the word genocide when referring to the Israeli attacks in Gaza. And I … Continue reading

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Time to lay aside the blame and work for peace

When things go wrong, Joshua has a saying.  ”You can blame, or you can learn.” Most of the world seems hell bent on blaming Israel for what is going on in Gaza.  All perspective seems to be lost, and attempts … Continue reading

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A not so great loss, and remembering

Two days ago the unthinkable happened. I lost 4 months of photos.  Everything from July 30th of this year on.   Which means the trips to California, Vermont & St. Louis, not to mention our day at Coney Island and … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Addendum

I feel compelled to write a quick addendum to last night’s post on Jerusalem.  I’m not completely sure it was clear that the rude behavior we encountered was not just a cultural difference (as is found in other parts of … Continue reading

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Two weeks among the sabras.

A few years ago when Joshua’s sister and brother-in-law were visiting us from Israel, we took a late afternoon walk through Central Park, winding up outside Lasker Pool just before 7pm.   Precisely at 7, the lifeguards all started to … Continue reading

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Cures for the blues

The weather kind of sucks right now in New York.   It can’t decide whether to be warm and rain, or cold and snow, so it kind of hovers back and forth between the two.   Add to that the … Continue reading

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Too darn hot

It was 105 degrees here today. That’s one hundred and five. My car has an external thermometer, and until today I didn’t know it had 3 digits on it. It has never in my existence been this hot in Columbus … Continue reading

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