Too darn hot

It was 105 degrees here today.

That’s one hundred and five.

My car has an external thermometer, and until today I didn’t know it had 3 digits on it.

It has never in my existence been this hot in Columbus IN.  The last ‘hottest’ summer was the year my Dad was born, in 1936, and even then I don’t think it was this hot this soon.

And oh yeah, no rain to speak of for almost two months.

Today we went to the pool for the 4th straight day.  We’d been there for less than an hour when Joshua bailed with a headache.  Later he said it was just too hot in the sun.  (That noise you heard?  That was my jaw hitting the floor.)    Joshua, in case you’ve forgotten or didn’t know, is from Israel, where 105 degrees, no rain and no clouds all summer is normal.

The difference?  People there are smarter about it and don’t venture out between the hours of about 10am and 4pm.

We’re going to give that a try tomorrow, and not head to the pool until about 4pm.  In the meantime here’s todays’ photo wrap up!

Maya & Greta, submerged

Ben, mid-splash

This picture was supposed to be of the water slide, but...

Post pool at my Aunt & Uncle's house, with their dog Humphrey

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