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Ice Skating

Most of our friends ice skate.  They take lessons in the mornings at the Bryant Park rink, and for a while we’ve been asked and encouraged by those same friends to join in.  But as is the case with most … Continue reading

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Happiness is…a stick

Today we spent some time at Riverside Park after the kids’ art class.  It was our usual crew of 4 girls and then Ben and his friend Andrew.   The area they play in has it all – a huge outcropping … Continue reading

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At Carnegie Hall with Arlo

For a lot of people, Arlo Guthrie may only be known as Woody Guthrie’s son.   Some may recognize the name of his most famous song, “Alice’s Restaurant” and think of him as a 60′s hippie; a writer of outlandish protest … Continue reading

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The Downfall and Rise of Practical Knowledge

If you have kids, or have spent any time in the children’s section of any bookstore in the last few years, you are no stranger to the “Need to Know” series of books, usually found in the ‘education’ section.   What … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday.  Because it is held on a Thursday, it  feels more like a 4 day occasion, what with many companies closing on Friday as well.   I also love it because it is for everyone.   It … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

It’s quiet outside (for New York).   Amazing how the traffic sounds die down until they are almost gone when a holiday approaches.   Earlier there was gridlock all over the city as people headed out to wherever they are spending Thanksgiving.   … Continue reading

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The popular myth about ‘creating’

This afternoon we met up with friends at one of those ‘paint your own pottery’ places.   This one was originally called, “Our Name is Mud”,  but later the company split and “Our Name is Mud” became retail only.  The ‘paint … Continue reading

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And the comments keep coming…

When I went on the Times website to the article that was the subject of yesterday’s entry, it had received 439 comments from on line readers.   My curiosity piqued, I read through them all.  (Thankfully many of them were short!)  … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the world as we know It….and I feel fine

Rock n roll music will undermine the moral fabric of America’s youth. TV will turn kids into intellectual zombies. Video games will be the downfall of our culture. And now…  the internet and texting are destroying the ability of children … Continue reading

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Waiting for Superman

Maya and I finished watching “Waiting for Superman” today.   We have it on DVD because the father of Maya’s best friend is a documentary filmmaker and a voting member of the Academy (the people who choose the Oscar winners).   I … Continue reading

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