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Part 3: Trick or Treating, and other Tales of Horror

The Final Act of our Halloween trio was, of course, trick or treating.   The bonus of living in a large building in New York City is that you can visit lots of homes without ever going outside.   We had 37 … Continue reading

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Part 2: Halloween Party Success

Today was the big day of the party.   After a morning spent blacking out our windows (we face south and somehow the bright sun and royal blue skies just didn’t read  ‘scary Halloween setting’ for us), picking up cupcakes, buying … Continue reading

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Part 1: Halloween Party Prep

Maya loves parties.   She loves planning them almost as much as the party itself.   Where she gets this trait is a complete mystery.   I can’t think of any blood relative on my side of the family who gets a thrill … Continue reading

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Almost beyond words…

I’ve been staring at the screen now for a while, trying to find a good way in to this topic, and have come to the conclusion that there probably isn’t one.   So here goes. A friend of a friend calls … Continue reading

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How did they learn to do that?

First, a quick welcome to my new WordPress powered blog.  I’m still working out a few details, like how to add the RSS subscribe option, but basically we’re up and running! Two big developments on the unschooling front since we … Continue reading

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Unschooling – the 101, the lowdown, the scoop

This post was the first one I wrote, on August 11, 2010.   For those who may just be joining us on this blog, I thought it worth revisiting. But what do you do all day?   You mean the kids can … Continue reading

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Working on it!

Now that I have the new platform, I just need to figure out how to use it. Be patient, and hopefully in a day or two the green mangoes blog will be back in action!

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Math Mania Backlash

A while back, I wrote an entry titled “Math Mania”.   Over the weekend, that entry appeared as an article in the NYCHEA newsletter for October.  Apparently, I’ve struck a nerve.  Several people have contacted me to voice their displeasure with … Continue reading

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What If?

Over the weekend I debated whether or not to go and see “Waiting for Superman”, which opened Friday.   This, as you probably know, is a documentary about the failings of the public school system and the charter schools which seem … Continue reading

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The threat of danger is such a killjoy

I took a page out of Lenore Skenazy’s Free Range Kids book today, and let my kids do some unsupervised cooking.   Maya’s friend Greta was visiting, and at lunch Maya said, “Can we make cookies?”   So I said yes, and … Continue reading

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