About Green Mangoes

Why Green Mangoes?     Well, according to both of my grandmothers (and apparently everyone else of their generation who lived in rural southern Indiana), a green ‘mango’ was what the rest of the world calls a ‘green bell pepper’.   Only the green variety were referred to as mangoes.   Red and yellow bell peppers were not.  I have no idea how widespread this colloquialism was, having never heard of its’ use  anywhere else.  It seems to have died out with my grandparents’ generation, as to my knowledge it is no longer used by anyone living there today.   It appeals to me because it was unique and quirky.

So this blog is called Green Mangoes in honor of my grandmothers.  Its’ main focus is unschooling  and how our family has chosen a different path than most when it comes to education.  I’ll share thoughts on education, life learning and travel, probably throwing in some odds and ends as I go along.   I hope you enjoy it, and remember to celebrate those unique and quirky things, those Green Mangoes, wherever you may find them.


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