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Shame, shame, eternal shame

Another mass shooting.  That makes 36 since Columbine (at least 36- I’m not sure I got them all).   Not to mention the literally hundreds of thousands of deaths – not of the mass variety – caused by guns in … Continue reading

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Happy accident

Yesterday was Ben’s birthday, and as we’ve done for the past couple of years, we went bowling.  Maya and I were the cheerleaders, as we both have weird shoulder issues at the moment (long story, not worth the effort) and … Continue reading

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Name calling in the name of science

Yesterday someone on Facebook accused me of murder. Yes, you read that right.  Murder.  I am a murderer because I didn’t get a flu shot. In refusing flu shots, I am killing someone with a compromised immune system by exposing … Continue reading

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Why I’m opposed to vaccines for infants

As you have probably heard, there has been an outbreak of the measles at Disneyland in California. Cue the anger of the vaccine proponents – everyone from Melinda Gates to Dan Diamond, a contributing writer at Forbes, who wants to … Continue reading

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I keep seeing photos protesting the Israeli/Gaza war in which a swastika is imposed on the Israeli flag.   A few days ago a Facebook “friend” used the word genocide when referring to the Israeli attacks in Gaza. And I … Continue reading

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The cancerous state of politics

Maybe it has always been this way. Maybe political parties have always used fear tactics and negative reinforcement to demonize anyone who disagrees with them.  Maybe politics has always been cancerous and rotten. Maybe. But just because something has always … Continue reading

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The treasures of travel are often invisible to others

This time, there was the running joke: “Wer ist gestorben?”  (Who died?) Or the Vine that spawned many rounds of “Oooh, you touched my tra-la-la.”   (Somehow this is much funnier and slightly less off-putting when being bantered about by … Continue reading

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Free range in the city

Today Maya and her friends attended a Valentine’s Day dance.   Most of the kids who went were either fellow homeschoolers or former homeschoolers.   I suspect the age range was something like 11-18, with a handful of adults there … Continue reading

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America – beautiful in any language

Last night during the Superbowl, in case you missed it, the Coca-Cola company ran this commercial: And quite predictably, a lot of people hated it.  Mostly because there is apparently a rule somewhere that songs about America cannot be sung … Continue reading

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Belated thanks, for the music and memories

We were out of town last week when I got word that Pete Seeger had died.   At 94, this should not have come as a great shock, but it did anyway, because two months earlier he’d been leading all … Continue reading

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