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All Work and No Play

Our first meeting this morning began at 9am, so after rousing the kids at 7:30, we went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.  Lovely breakfast.  They had everything from waffles and eggs to oatmeal and yogurt and fruit.   On the … Continue reading

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Up, Up & Away!

Greetings from Lafayette, Louisiana!   Have I ever mentioned that I love to travel?  Anywhere?  I. Love. It.   And my kids do, too.  They start a trip and become these amazing people who are calm, entertain themselves for hours and (hardly) … Continue reading

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Accidents WILL Happen

It is an indisputable fact that no matter how many precautions we may take – no matter how much we spend to ‘childproof’ our house (I always thought this was a strange expression – when you waterproof something, it keeps … Continue reading

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Here’s to you, Mark Frauenfelder!

For those of you who don’t know, Mark Frauenfelder is the editor of “Make” magazine, devoted to do-it-yourself projects including everything from a home-made stereo system to an LED tank top to an origami spinner.   He also has a new … Continue reading

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Math Mania – A Study

“What about Math?”  “How will you teach your kids Algebra and Geometry?”  “Do you worry that they won’t learn Math?” As I’ve said before, I don’t worry all that much, anymore, about Math.  But sometimes it seems everyone else is … Continue reading

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School Refusal…?

John Taylor Gatto talks a lot about the fact that the U.S. Dept. of Education is a huge jobs project and one of the largest employers in the country.  Try to reform the system, make it more efficient and you … Continue reading

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Pygmy Shrews, H2O and Snap Circuits

The lure of science experiments is something that for some reason, I cannot resist.   I have visions of us creating these amazing things, of the kids being enthralled and wanting to know ‘how does that happen?’.  So every now and … Continue reading

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Angst of the new Homeschool Parent

The decision to homeschool or unschool your child or children means you enter the ‘fringe’.   You are a radical to some, a freak to others, and just incomprehensible to most.    I’ve read comment boards on line in which one person … Continue reading

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Learning with a Purpose

I had an email this morning from a friend of mine who teaches at Ivy Tech, a college in my hometown of Columbus IN.  He told me that he has several students who were homeschooled, and the one area in … Continue reading

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Bribing/Rewarding kids to learn

Have you ever taught yourself how to do something or set a goal for yourself that no one else knew about?   I’m sure you have.  (I’ll bet almost all of you taught yourself some aspect of using the computer or … Continue reading

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