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How we travel

In about 11 days we’ll be flying to San Jose, Costa Rica.   Joshua has several friends there, and they’ve been trying to get us to come and visit for years.   Of course we are all looking forward to the warm … Continue reading

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The limits of reports

Tomorrow I will be mailing in the quarterly reports for my kids to the Dept. of Education’s Central Office of Homeschooling.   For the first time, writing up the reports has been a difficult task, because although my kids are learning … Continue reading

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While you were out

On Saturdays Joshua and I try to make a date of it in the evening, going to dinner and sometimes a movie.   We used to hire a sitter for these hours, but lately we’ve been letting Maya and Ben stay … Continue reading

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At the risk of repeating myself…

The front page of the Times yesterday ran an article about the fact that college Freshmen are showing record levels of stress.  This from a survey of 200,000 incoming Freshmen that has been done every year for the past 25 … Continue reading

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Snow and more and more and more snow!

Last night we had a blizzard.   A real, honest to god, Laura Ingalls Wilder ‘I’d be lost on the plains if I lived in the Dakotas’ type of blizzard;  except we live in NYC, so getting lost is not really … Continue reading

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Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety…..?

So our cat – let’s call him Big Orange to protect his privacy – may be suffering from acute anxiety.   The symptoms are all there .   For instance, after we go to bed he begins yowling in such a fashion … Continue reading

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The State of Education (is the same)

I’ve been sitting here watching the State of the Union address.   My favorite part is when the President walks in – it’s kind of cool to hear the Sergeant at Arms introduce him.   The rest of it only catches my … Continue reading

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Sandra Dodd – Unschooler Extraordinaire

Sandra Dodd is coming to New York City!   And I will miss it.   I spent much of yesterday evening trying to will the date on her speaking event to change.   It didn’t work.  She is still coming to speak to … Continue reading

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Back to the snow, and the Times

Woke to 80 degrees and sunny.   Will go to bed, heaters blasting, amid 4 degrees and snowy…    But no matter what, it’s always good to be home.   As Maya said in the car on the way back from the airport, … Continue reading

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A moment of Zen

At first it is the thrill of the unknown, and the element of danger.    Especially on slides like the Leap of Faith, but also the Serpent, which is a mostly dark tunnel you traverse in an inflatable ring before being … Continue reading

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