Jerusalem Addendum

I feel compelled to write a quick addendum to last night’s post on Jerusalem.  I’m not completely sure it was clear that the rude behavior we encountered was not just a cultural difference (as is found in other parts of Israel).   This was a higher level of rude perpetrated not just by Orthodox Jews, but devout Muslims and Christians as well, and was in evidence primarily within the walls of the old city to which so many devoutly religious people lay claim.

I watched the Tony Awards tonight, and when Billy Porter won for Best Actor in a Musical for his role in “Kinky Boots”, he thanked his mother, saying, “…she is the true embodiment of a Christian, in that she is willing to love and embrace that which she does not understand…”

If only there were more like her.   I find that within many orthodox, fundamentalist groups there is the belief that everyone else should be understanding of them, but that they do not need to reciprocate.

So that’s that.   Moving on…

Tomorrow I’ll post about the place that, 18 years after the first time I visited, is still by far my favorite in Israel.

The Dead Sea.

Stark beauty of the Dead Sea

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