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Happy New Year in two Parts (or from the ridiculous to the sublime)

Part I: This has a lot to do with ‘happy’ and almost nothing to do with ‘new year’.  Can you guess how long it took me to decide that Wii games are more fun than anything attached to a TV … Continue reading

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Gift Giving, Photo Cards and oh, those Holiday Letters!

First, this post is way off topic, but every now and then I can’t resist.   Second, I know in advance it is going to get me in trouble, so let me just say – if you see yourself or your … Continue reading

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Why work?

Why do we work?   Well, to make money to support ourselves and our family if we have one, and hopefully also to do something that fulfills us, or contributes to something we think is worthy.    Service to others is also … Continue reading

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A life lesson not taught in school….

We are in the process of hiring a few new people to work in our store in the city.   Specifically Joshua needs people to do data entry.    In the past we’ve had good results hiring through Craigslist, so last night … Continue reading

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Baking and building and all sorts of fun

There is 26 inches of snow in New York City and we are kind of sad we missed it.  Snowstorms are great fun in the city, because for a few hours, everything is forced to a standstill, and the snow … Continue reading

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Strewing revisited

I’ve talked about the art of strewing in the past, but  for those who are just joining us, strewing means discovering things in which your kids are interested and then leaving things around for them to find and do related … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

The first bad thing about Christmas?  Starbucks is closed.  (At least in Columbus Indiana). The second bad thing?  ….I can’t think of a second.   I love Christmas.  I don’t get people who are grumpy at Christmastime.   What’s not to love?   … Continue reading

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Sledding & Treasure!

As I mentioned a day or two ago, we are in Indiana at the moment.  We come every year at Christmas, and I love spending a week or so on the farm.   It’s great for the kids to run around … Continue reading

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What if, revisited. And my last few words on ‘gifted’ (promise)

I said last night that I have a suggestion on how to ‘fix’ compulsory education in this country, and some of the problems caused by semantics that label kids from a young age into one category or another.   This originally … Continue reading

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Greetings from Indiana! And a word (or two) about ‘gifted’

741 miles.  12 hours.  2 stops.   Cruised out of the city at 6:34 am led by a gorgeous full moon (we missed the eclipse because…we had a 12 hour drive in front of us!) and arrived at 6:27 pm to … Continue reading

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