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Being social, in my ideal world

Years ago, my friend Anna and I fantasized about starting a modern day literary salon.  We envisioned renting a space in the then still somewhat dingy meat market and decorating it with comfortable chairs, sofas and tables.  Lighting would be … Continue reading

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The treasures of travel are often invisible to others

This time, there was the running joke: “Wer ist gestorben?”  (Who died?) Or the Vine that spawned many rounds of “Oooh, you touched my tra-la-la.”   (Somehow this is much funnier and slightly less off-putting when being bantered about by … Continue reading

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Family and friends

I love Christmas.  It has long been my favorite holiday, ever since I was a kid and thought I might explode from excitement in the days leading up to Santa’s visit, to the times I would lay with my head … Continue reading

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Shakespeare, Ralph Fiennes & comfort zones (yeah, it’s a little off topic)

I will apologize in advance if this post is somewhat less than perfectly coherent.   See, I had decided what I would write about earlier this evening – Shakespeare and my experiences reading, acting and seeing Shakespeare plays and how … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I had a lot of stuff I thought about writing tonight – Thanksgiving as a tradition and all the ways it is celebrated, but after a day full of food and friends, I find my brain just wants to rest. … Continue reading

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The importance of pop culture

My friend Anna, who is Hungarian, told me once that when she was in school in Hungary, studying English, she took a course on doing business in America.  (Maybe that wasn’t the title, but that was the topic.)    One of  … Continue reading

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