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Free range in the city

Today Maya and her friends attended a Valentine’s Day dance.   Most of the kids who went were either fellow homeschoolers or former homeschoolers.   I suspect the age range was something like 11-18, with a handful of adults there … Continue reading

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Supporting a creative path

Picked up a great book yesterday, titled, “Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative”, by Austin Kleon.   Fostering creativity is something I’ve come to value more and more and for which I will cast … Continue reading

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Not an ‘aha’ but a ‘what the…?’ moment

Maya’s last NDI (National Dance Institute) class was today  so we all went down to watch them perform the dance they’ve been working on over the winter.   There were about 20 kids in the class and it’s a pretty small … Continue reading

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