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Photos of the day

Today we saw two of the most impressive buildings in the city.  One is the 42nd St. Library, and the other, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Since I wrote about the library earlier in the week, I’ll talk … Continue reading

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The best education

Rick Santorum believes that not everyone needs a four year degree. I agree with him. Unfortunately, he always goes on to say that the reason not everyone needs a four year degree is that universities are indoctrination centers, robbing children … Continue reading

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Letter from an alien planet

Greetings fellow travelers! We send you warm regards and hope that your travels are proving as fruitful as ours.   We have news to relate of our latest destination which we think you will find both fascinating and disturbing.   The alien … Continue reading

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Getting beyond the problem of ‘other’

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”   (psst.  Unless the others don’t observe the ‘right’ religion – in which case the Golden Rule doesn’t really apply.) That’s my basic problem with religions.   By their very existence … Continue reading

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