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In case you missed it: the article that started all the fuss

I subscribe to Lenore Skenazy’s Free Range Kids blog (and you can reach it too through my blogroll).   A few days ago she posted a letter she received entitled “You are a Horrible Mother” from someone who, as Lenore said, … Continue reading

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Who’s really to blame? The victim or her mother?

This post is  a bit off topic, but because of my strong feelings about the way this situation was portrayed in the paper, I am addressing it. Yesterday’s NY Times ran a horrifying story about an 11 year old girl … Continue reading

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The threat of danger is such a killjoy

I took a page out of Lenore Skenazy’s Free Range Kids book today, and let my kids do some unsupervised cooking.   Maya’s friend Greta was visiting, and at lunch Maya said, “Can we make cookies?”   So I said yes, and … Continue reading

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Accidents WILL Happen

It is an indisputable fact that no matter how many precautions we may take – no matter how much we spend to ‘childproof’ our house (I always thought this was a strange expression – when you waterproof something, it keeps … Continue reading

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The Safety Dance

The photo you see above is Ben on our indoor swing.  My parents gave it to the kids as a Christmas present two years ago, and they love it.  It works in all weather, and recently Ben has learned how … Continue reading

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