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Thank you Lenore Skenazy!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with her, Lenore Skenazy became the most hated Mom in America a few years ago because she let her then 9 year old son ride the New York City subway by himself.   Mind … Continue reading

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Can someone please remove ‘gifted’ from the lexicon?

Did you know that there is a National Association for Gifted Children?  I didn’t, but there is.   I started searching around today for some information about the effectiveness of these Gifted and Talented programs (which I didn’t find) and came … Continue reading

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Gifted and Talented – but only if you have connections

A few days ago I mentioned sitting with a couple of mothers from our building at our holiday party and hearing about the Gifted and Talented programs available in NYC public schools.  I didn’t go into a full description of … Continue reading

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Loud music, Thunderstorms and Laughter

I read somewhere that practitioners of Feng Shui advise playing your favorite music very loudly for a few minutes every week or two to clear a room, apartment or house of any negative energy that may have collected.  Dancing while … Continue reading

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Blogging and Process

Blogging can be kind of a weird thing.  Sometimes very personal.  Sometimes too much so.   I read Heather Armstrong’s blog at, which is often very funny and often extremely personal.  As she has said, if you’re looking for a … Continue reading

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Too Much Information = Momentary Panic

Many of the entries I write are made up of topics which are the result of reading articles or books on educational methods and beliefs, and then contrasting it to what I see around me in the homeschool/unschool community.    This … Continue reading

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Some miscellaneous thoughts

To start, I must clarify something I said in yesterday’s entry.  I do not believe that ALL doctors are arrogant with a God complex.   Didn’t mean to ruffle feathers – there are many wonderful conscientious doctors out there.  I’m sure … Continue reading

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Not a doctor, but then again…?

The headline on my Yahoo homepage this morning read:  “Pilot duped AMA with fake M.D. claim”.   I don’t normally read more than the headlines (too depressing) but this one hooked me.  The first three paragraphs read as follows: “He seemed … Continue reading

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To what purpose ‘higher education’?

I am no education expert.  I’m not sure there really is such a thing.  More and more I am convinced that most schools and institutions of so-called ‘higher education’  are reactionary instead of visionary.  They focus on teaching based on … Continue reading

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Into school, and out again

Since Maya and Ben have never been to school, and my own school experiences are a shocking number of years ago, my knowledge of the current school culture comes mostly from reading about it, hearing the parents of schooled children … Continue reading

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