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Why we should care about the sale of spray paint

Last week Maya and I were at Michael’s craft supply store in Manhattan, and standing at the checkout we saw a display of spray paint with a sign taped over it: Turns out that this law was one of the … Continue reading

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So long Mayor Bloomberg – did we ever really know you?

Mayor Bloomberg officially left office yesterday after 12 years as NYC’s head honcho.   His tenure as mayor was a mixed bag, from my point of view.  On the one hand, he appointed a Dept. of Transportation head halfway through … Continue reading

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Getting around the soda ban

It has been the butt of jokes for months.   Our illustrious Mayor, proposing to tell New Yorkers what size sodas they can drink!  What a laugh! As of yesterday, the joke is apparently on us. Mayor Bloomberg’s personally appointed … Continue reading

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A sigh of relief

9/11 is winding down, again.   And although is was good to finally have the memorial at Ground Zero completed (and it is lovely),  I’m glad all the ceremonies and services are over.      Not because I don’t respect the magnitude of … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

Mayor Bloomberg started his Spring cleaning by firing School Chancellor Cathleen Black, only three months after appointing her to the position.   To say that she was unpopular would be an understatement.   To say that I understand what she was expected … Continue reading

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