While having my car serviced

Oh West New York, New Jersey.  Home of the closest Honda Dealership and where I get to spend anywhere from 2-6 hours every three months – or before every extended road trip – while the mechanics make sure none of my tires will fall off while we’re cruising down the interstate.

And I do appreciate it.  I really do.

But.  Because I live in Manhattan and can’t just drop off my car and have someone pick me up, take me home and then bring me back when the car is ready (most of my friends don’t own cars, we only have one and there is no nearby path or bus service to the city) I sit in the lovely waiting room for the duration.

I bring stuff to do, of course.  Like my laptop.  So far I’ve completed one section of the online real estate course I’m taking.  Or rather, I completed the section, got 100% on the quiz, but still have an hour to spend in the section before I am allowed to move on.  (Check the link for details as to why that is so.)   Which means that as I write this I will periodically click to another screen and “turn” a page so that I don’t get logged out and so that my time keeps running…

It’s kind of a miracle that I did so well on this most recent quiz, because while I’m here there is a TV on, and for the first time in my life I watched (peripherally) an entire episode of “Dr. Oz”.

That’s the thing about having a TV on.  It’s impossible to completely ignore it.  I don’t see how people who have their TV on all the time ever get anything done.  It’s so distracting.

Anyway, I learned three things from Dr. Oz today:

1.  Never wash your face in the morning.  Rinse with lukewarm water only.  You need those natural oils.  Wash at night to remove the days’ grime. (and don’t neglect your neck, either with washing or moisturizing.)

2.  Never brush your hair when it’s wet.  (Hey, points for me!  I never brush my hair when wet, nor do I use a hair dryer.)  Wet hair is more likely to break when brushed.

3.  Finally, I learned that Nate Berkus is a cutie.  And also when he unpacks groceries he removes the eggs from the container,  keeping them in a bowl in his refrigerator instead because it looks better that way.  (Can you guess that he’s a designer?)

See how informative this trip has been so far?

Unfortunately the next show is Anderson Cooper, and while I like Anderson (though I didn’t know he had his own show), his guest host today is Christina Milian.  Don’t know who she is?  Don’t worry, you’re not missing anything.

(38 minutes to go on this section of my real estate course.  Sure am happy I’m getting all this extra ‘study’ time!)

I also tend to go into random thought mode while sitting here.  I’ve been thinking what groceries I should buy later.  But my eggs will probably remain in the carton.  Anyone with kids knows it’s safer that way. Can’t you just see an entire bowl of eggs getting tipped over while a small hand is reaching for a can of soda?  I can.

Also, my living room is a mess.  I don’t know why I’m thinking of that now.  Usually that’s what I think of when I’m sitting on my couch trying to write because it fills my field of vision every time I look up.  ”Mess” of course being a relative term.  Ben looks at it and sees a masterwork in progress.  Which is why it never goes away.

That reminds me – you know how people who live in big houses have playrooms for their kids and their toys?   We had one of those once, in the six months when we went temporarily insane and moved out of Manhattan.  Guess what?  None of the toys ever stayed in the playroom because the kids wanted to be where we were.   Are there people whose young kids actually go play in the playroom and never strew toys through the house?

There aren’t.   I’m sure of it.

Anyway, if you are NOT having your car serviced today or sitting in a waiting room of any kind, count your blessings.

And send some good karma my way.

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Amy Milstein was born and raised on a farm in Indiana, but after 20+ years considers herself a full-fledged New Yorker. She is married with two kids, who do not go to school but are instead life learners. This means they learn by living in the world (real life ) instead of hearing about it and simulating it in a classroom. With her family, Amy loves to travel, read, watch movies, write, sew, knit - the list is endless.
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2 Responses to While having my car serviced

  1. Madeleine says:

    Seems lie you spent your time pretty productively. I have also been giving thought to the playroom issue this week after a discussion with a friend who is moving to a house with a playroom (we don’t have room) and I came to the conclusion that you have – the toys would still end up in our living room and I like to be able to casually overhear them play while I am in the kitchen or living room with them.