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On our last day… Beads!

Our last day in Costa Rica, and probably the best.   We went to dinner yesterday with another couple Joshua knows here – Michal and Irving.  They invited us to their house and we had pizza and salad, which is just … Continue reading

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Once again, less is more

Despite how it may sound based on some of my recent posts, we are pretty easy to please.   The kids and I have traveled to Spain, Ireland, England, Arkansas, the Bahamas,  (Do you like how I threw Arkansas in the … Continue reading

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All American Costa Rica!

Would it be horribly…American of me to say that today was our best day here, and we spent half of it at a mall?   I’m almost appalled at it myself, because usually I eschew all things American when in another … Continue reading

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Downtown and at home…

Today we went to downtown San Jose, and immediately my outlook improved.  It is gritty, a little shabby, and thoroughly entertaining.   No thieves in sight, but lots of regular people going about their days.   We bought postcards, I took photos … Continue reading

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The Fog that ate the Volcano

Yay!  Volcano Day!  I am soooo excited.   I, however, am the only one.   We wake up and launch into a debate about Maya’s footwear.  Kinyu and Inga (Joshua’s friends) told us to wear long pants, bring a jacket, and wear … Continue reading

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Vamos a Costa Rica!

Over the past few years, I’ve traveled a lot with the kids.  Due to the nature of our business, Joshua has not accompanied us on our big trips, flying in separately when he does join us.   So the three of … Continue reading

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Costa Rica here we come!

Just a quick note tonight.  It’s the dreaded day before traveling, which means I am cranky and generally out of sorts.   This is when I dream of a personal assistant who will run out to buy the paper plates I … Continue reading

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What Unschooling has taught me

I’ve maintained for a while now that unschooling is something that comes naturally to kids, but parents have to learn it.  Or re-learn it after years of school brain programming.    Here are some things unschooling has taught me, in no … Continue reading

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We Flip for iMovie!

Maya has been shooting videos since she was about…5 years old, I think.   Most of them were done with my little Canon Powershot camera, which makes decent video unless you want to watch it on a larger format.     Then, last … Continue reading

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Do unto others – even your kids!

I had a kind of epiphany yesterday evening.   Maya was up at her friend Greta’s, after having an overnight here at our place.   Two nights before that was her overnight at Marcella’s.  (cat poop day)   When we picked her up … Continue reading

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