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Better and Better

It struck me today as I sat on a beach chair in front of the Challenger slides, watching my kids fly down them at breakneck speed, how much more fun this vacation is now than it would have been even … Continue reading

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What the waterslides taught us….

These are some of the things we’ve learned as a result of two days on massive waterslides: 1)  The force of water against skin when you are moving at high speeds can actually cause bruising on the part of your … Continue reading

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Bahama Mama (& kids)

There is something surreal about being surrounded by ice and snow, driving through freezing rain to get to the airport and then sitting on the tarmac for almost two hours waiting for the airline to de-ice the plane so that … Continue reading

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Stay tuned….

Tomorrow night, hotel wifi willing, I’ll be blogging from the balmy Bahamas.  (how’s that for lovely alliteration?)   We’re off for five days at the Atlantis Water Resort on Paradise Island.  41 acres of water park and a beach.   My entries … Continue reading

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Just a quick note….

Having an ‘overnight’ tonight in Ben’s room.   Maya’s friend Greta is staying over, as tomorrow is a holiday from school, so he always wants me to sleep in his room on those occasions.   Which today is fairly easy to do, … Continue reading

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Fad Parenting

WARNING:  This blog contains rants and criticisms that some may find offensive and politically incorrect.   If you choose to read on, consider yourself warned…. Hello dear friends!   Today we are going to talk about the latest fad parenting book to … Continue reading

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Chua, Waldman and Milstein

I don’t know if any of you have heard about or read Amy Chua’s article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”.   If you haven’t, here is the link: While you’re there, please also read … Continue reading

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Snow days and things unschooling has taught me

Part I Snow day.   Are there two more magical words for schooled children?  (besides maybe ‘summer break’)   Apparently the 9 inches of snow in New York City Tuesday night had most kids thinking they were going to hear those … Continue reading

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Unschooling for parents

Let’s just make one thing really clear.   Unschooling is natural for kids.   It’s the way they learn from birth and would continue learning if the parents didn’t get involved and start insisting that the kids be ‘taught’.  Parents brought up … Continue reading

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The importance of a comfortable chair

Sandra Dodd, who I’ve mentioned before and to whose site I have a link on my blogroll, has a weekly live chat to discuss learning, unschooling and anything else of interest that may come up.   I was reading a transcript … Continue reading

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